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Safety Manager

Bennettsville, SC



About the job

This position works with all SOPAKCO, SC Facilities to develop and enhance a culture of consistent safe behavior. This position serves as a subject expert to ensure compliance with Safety & Health standards. In addition, this person must observe, track, and complete activities with employees, to reduce and eliminate work related injuries and accidents to support our safety and sustainability goals. This person must maintain a comprehensive filing system for documents pertaining to compliance with OSHA. This person will serve as SOPAKCO, SC representative for Health and Safety.


Job Requirements:

  • Degree in Safety/Environmental preferred
  • 5+ years of work experience in workplace Safety, Security, and Environmental
  • Working knowledge of the food manufacturing industry preferred, with a knowledge of regulations and factors related to food manufacturing facilities.
  • Skilled in performing internal on-site safety and environmental inspections for self-audit purposes.
  • Ability to plan programs and initiatives at multiple locations.
  • Strengths in People Management including communication; leadership; effective presentation skills; coaching; crisis management; motivation; team building; organization; self-starter; time management; stress management.
  • Ability to travel on a periodic basis (between facility locations).
  • Flexible in working during non-business hours to meet business needs.



  • Ensure Compliance with OSHA standards plan and implement safety policies and procedures in compliance with local, state, federal (OSHA) rules and regulations.
  • Be an active part of the team to plan, direct and implement organizational safety programs.
  • Conduct proactive, action-based programs to reduce or eliminate work related accidents or injuries.
  • Develop and facilitate safety related training.
  • Assists with and train supervisors on proper accident investigations for all work-related injuries and provides reports to location management.
  • Performs all job site analysis, determines employee exposure, and assists in developing safe work policies, procedures, and inspection report forms.
  • Performs new hire safety training.
  • Publish safety audit tracking form which includes audits, cross audits, audits done with hourly employees, positive reinforcement, unsafe acts, and unsafe conditions.
  • Maintains and updates all safety records such as: injuries, illnesses, safety statistics, authorized safety training, using spreadsheets, graphs, charts, and presentations as required.
  • Develop, manage, and direct loss prevention and safety programs.
  • Develop and manage safety training modules to ensure consistency through all sites.
  • Inspect organization facilities to detect existing or potential accident and health hazards, determine corrective or preventative measures where indicated, and follow up to ensure measures have been implemented.
  • Manage the investigation of accidents and injuries to identify root cause and implement corrective actions.
  • Monitor facilities adherence to regularly scheduled Safety Meetings
  • Develop and execute a plan to reduce worker injury and lost time rates.
  • Assure the site Safety programs are implemented and maintained in an appropriate manner and within budgetary limits.
  • Developing and maintaining site-specific manuals, records of inspections, and incidents relating to Safety, Health, Security and Environment.
  • All other duties as assigned.

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