A Letter from Our President

SOPAKCO is proud to be a world leader in the design, processing, and packaging of shelf-stable, ready-to-eat meals. Our financial strength and stability stems from our longstanding relationship with the U.S. government. We’ve leveraged our knowledge and experience from our military meals and have applied it to our retail customers, providing them with turnkey food processing solutions.

I’ve had the great pleasure of serving as SOPAKCO’s president for more than 20 years. Over the years, our company has grown to build relationships with major national and international brands, we’ve emphasized the importance of quality products and superb customer relations, and we’ve improved our processes to foster advancements in food processing technology. I invite you to read through our website to learn more about SOPAKCO’s capabilities and processes. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about how SOPAKCO can help grow your brand!


Lonnie F. Thompson

In 1943, SOPAKCO was founded out of the need for military food rations. More than 70 years later, our company has thrived, remaining one of the top providers of MREs (meals ready to eat) to the U.S. Military. In addition to emergency meal rations, SOPAKCO has evolved to become a cutting-edge food processing company for major national and international brands.

A top-rated co-packer and expert in retort processing, SOPAKCO provides prepared food solutions to some of the world’s most recognized brands. Operating from a position of financial strength, SOPAKCO leverages our industry knowledge and experience to deliver high-quality products. We invest in new, innovative food processing technologies that help us pursue process improvements and deliver overall best quality meal solutions. Headquartered in Mullins, South Carolina, SOPAKCO is a world leader in processed foods using traditional and emerging packaging technologies.

We partner with major brands to deliver turnkey food processing solutions from start to finish. SOPAKCO operates three U.S. facilities, including our newest location, a multi-million-dollar R&D and production operation with hot-fill and retort fitment pouch; heat-and-serve bowls, trays, and cups; and frozen single serve and institutional food capabilities. In addition, SOPAKCO is willing and able to make the necessary financial investments in new technologies to expand our capabilities with new innovative food concepts, provide our customers with enhanced product quality, and offer cutting-edge concepts within the marketplace.

Our products and capabilities include retort and hot-fill packaging innovations, as well as frozen capabilities. Working with customers, we create products that redefine convenience, create new high-growth categories, and win customers with our turnkey “Simple Meals” solutions.

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