Military Meals

A supplier to the United States Military

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Our company was born in 1943 out of the need for military food rations, and today we remain one of the top providers of MRE (meals ready to eat) and government rations to the U.S. Military.

SOPAKCO Packaging works closely with the United States Department of Defense to meet government food service requirements. Our staff includes former military personnel who understand these requirements, as well as the procedures and expectations they entail . The various operational rations offered below along with a link to DSCP's website containing further information.

  • Meals, Ready-to-Eat (MRE)
  • Humanitarian Daily Ration (HDR)
  • Kosher Halal
  • Meal, Cold Weather/Food Packet, Long Range Patrol (MCW/LRP)
  • Tailored Operational Training Meal (TOTM)
  • Meal, Alternative Regionally Customized (MARC)
  • Food Packet, Survival, Abandon Ship