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Our History


SOPAKCO was founded in 1943 in Greenville, Tennessee under the name Burns & Associates. While the company began as a supplier of shelf-stable rations to the United States Military, it has adapted and broadened its endeavors throughout its sixty plus years of business.

In 1964 Burns & Associates began commercial warehousing to utilize the substantial storage facilities it had developed for rations assembly, and the name was changed to Southern Packaging and Storage Company. The following year the company relocated to Mullins South Carolina in response to the demands of the Viet Nam War. The move granted Southern Packaging and Storage Co. access to coastal ports and introduced the company to Marnat Packing Company, which the company later purchased.

As Southern Packaging and Storage Co. matured, flexibility emerged as one of its crowning characteristics. The desire to meet a more diversified spectrum of needs lead to the creation of a freestanding research and development center. In 1985 construction began on the Edward Green Research and Development Center, and the company’s name was officially changed to SOPAKCO. The facility began operations in January 1986, and today its technology and staff of food scientists continue to provide SOPAKCO the agility needed to compete in a growing market.

For over sixty years SOPAKCO has been a dynamic participant in the military ration program and the commercial packaging industries. A commitment to customer satisfaction has shaped the contours of our company at every stage of its growth, and today we are proud to serve needs as large as the United States Military and as small as the entrepreneur. None of our competitors can boast of so long standing a legacy as ours. With its decades-firm foundations SOPAKCO will continue to define quality and customer service satisfaction for years to come.