Government Agencies & First Responders


"Helping You - Help Those in Need…"

Governments, governmental agencies and civilian agencies contract with SOPAKCO to meet the daily nutritional requirements of people in situations where starvation is imminent. These situations range from political uprising to natural disasters. They rely on SOPAKCO because they know we are there for them in times of crisis - consistently.

Government agencies

FEMA, Homeland Security, State Agencies, Local governments and municipalities, police & fire departments, Urban Search and Rescue Teams Emergency. Contact Us


Corporate agencies looking for Shelf Stable meals for their emergency preparedness plan such as Hospital systems, Long term care facilities, banking institutions, hotel chains.

Wholesale meal purchases

For private use, relief agencies or for resale purposes. We would like to discuss each case on an individual basis in order to establish the best option for your needs. Contact Us

Individual Use or Smaller One Time Purchases

We offer Direct Sale Pricing but would also encourage individuals to visit our distributor's websites for information on our Sure-Pak meals as well as other items needed for all personal emergency preparedness needs.

Canadian Orders

Meal Kit Supply is our exclusive Sure-Pak distributor in Canada, please visit their website for more information.