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Our company was born in 1943 out of the need for military food rations, and today we remain one of the top providers of MRE (meals ready to eat) and government rations to the U.S. Military. [learn more]

New product development

Have an idea for a new shelf-stable side dish, entrée or meal kit? Talk to SOPAKCO. We have comprehensive new product development resources, including... [learn more]

Sure Pak 12 - Our civilian style ration

For over 10 years SOPAKCO has produced and sold the Sure Pak 12 meal case to various non-military government agencies, wholesale and retail distributors and individuals preparing for disasters or supplying emergency meals to victims directly effected by a disaster. If you are looking for a shelf stable, fully prepared meal SOPAKCO can help... [learn more]

A Resource To Businesses…

Our business extends beyond military food rations: we have contracts with food chains, international businesses, and several Fortune 500 companies. At SOPAKCO no project is too large or too small, and we are glad to customize each order to our customers’ specifications.

Superior facilities and production technologies combined with decades of experience and a sophisticated research and development team enables us to produce visually appealing, delicious foods that meet the nutritional requirements of each order. Whatever the size or stage of development of your project, bring your concept to SOPAKCO and we’ll help you bring it to market.